10 Best Coding Challenge Websites [March 2020]

10 Best Coding Challenge Websites [March 2020]

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Coding Challenge Sites of March 2020: –

1- HackerRank

hackerrank best coding challenge site 2020

HackerRank.com offers Direct Online Challenges for various Languages such as Algorithms, SQL, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Programming & much more.

Each day you get to solve a unique challenge & the difficulty rises as the week goes on!

HackerRank helps you to prepare for programming interviews also.

HackerRank is for beginners & Intermediate to warm-up challenges can help you understand a language better.

2- CodinGame (Advance Challenge Based Training Platform)

codingame best coding challenge website

CodinGame.com is a challenge-based training platform for programmers where you can enhance your coding skills with 25+ Languages & Fun exercises.

In a few hours, explore new languages, tricks & algorithms in courses crafted by topmost developers.

NOTE– The challenges in CodinGame are not for beginners as they need some framework knowledge before you can compete!

3- TopCoder

topcoder best coding challenge website for programming

TopCoder.com is one of the Most Popular Best Coding Challenge Site for Competitive Programming Online.

It offers a huge list of Algorithmic Challenges from the past to compete on your own using their code editor.

4- Coderbyte

Coderbyte.com gives 200+ coding challenges that you can solve in an editor using up to 10 programming languages.

It also gives official solutions for the challenges, along with 1000000+ user solutions.

Coderbyte is suggested by the top coding boot camps because of its numerous collection of interview prep challenges, Algorithms & Data Structures, Web Development, & Preparation Courses.

5- CodeFights (Increase Technical Hiring Efficiency)

codewars real coding challenges

CodeFights.com offers an Enormous Collection of Intermediate Coding Challenges to Solve in its Editor.

Test real coding skills, not just theory, by giving applicants assessment situations that they will actually face on the job

 Train on kata in the dojo & lead your highest potential.

6- Codewars (Train with Programming Challenges/Kata)

Codewars.com offers you a Huge Collection of Coding Challenges offered & Edited by their own Community.

You can solve the challenges online in their Online Editor using up to 20+ languages of Programming.

Also, You can earn points & rise the rankings by solving their challenges.

7- Exercism.io (Mentor Based Code Practice)

exercism Best Coding Challenge Websites for interview

Exercism.io Allows You to Level up your programming skills with over 1800+ exercises with 38 languages.

Exercism is the mentor-based programming website with a focus on individual practice.

There are over 50 various language tracks available Exercism.io for Free of Cost.

8- LeetCode

leetcode learn coding advance

LeetCode.com is one of the best Coding Challenge Site to Improve your Skills, knowledge & help you to prepare for the Technical Interviews.

Leet Code supports 14 coding languages.

It has Over 1400+ questions for you to practice online!

9- CodeChef (Long Coding Challenges)

codechef challenges

CodeChef.com Offers Long Coding Challenge in which you can show off your programming skills on the 10-day monthly coding contests.

It gives you quiet time to think about a problem, try various ways of attacking the problem, learn the concepts & much more.

10- SPOJ

spoj best coding website

SPOJ.com (Sphere Online Judge) offers over 20000 Coding Challenges for Jobs and Interviews for Free.

SPOJ also Offers their own contests & discuss page for discussing coding challenges.


I Hope You Liked the 10 Best Coding Challenges Websites for Programming Interviews.

Comment Below Your Favorite Coding Challenge Website!

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